Instructions for your Split Visions Web Site



Thank you for choosing Split Visions to design and maintain your web site.  Here are instructions on how to access and use the features of your new site.


Our goal is to give you a professional and top rate web site that you can use as a tool to improve your business.  We have designed our sites to make it easy for you to provide the information and updates needed to keep your site fresh and keep your viewers coming back to the site time after time.  Through the admin section, we have provided the forms necessary to send us information needed to make updates on your site.  When you fill out each form, simply click on the submit button, we will receive your information directly. 


You may access your admin section using the login and password provided to you through the mail.  These pages may only be accessed by you and whomever you decide to share the login and password information with, in order to protect the efforts of your site.


You are provided with access to unlimited email accounts through your new web site, which you may access using the link provided in the admin section of your site.


(Note...If you are an AOL user, the mail email server will not allow you to access your account.  Instead of using the link in your admin section, you must use an outside email server, such as Micosoft Outlook Express.  Instructions on how to do so are included further on this page.)


A startup email account has been created for your use.  The account address (UserID) is and the password is management.  You may add as many additional email accounts as you wish, by clicking on the form in the admin section of your page titled ADD/CREATE NEW EMAIL ACCOUNTS.


Access to your email accounts is available through the link in the admin section.  When accessing your account, you will be asked to input the following information:



Password:  yourpassword


For example, to access your startup account, you  must enter the following information:



Password:  management


Once this information is submitted, your account will open for your use.  You will be asked for the same information on each of your additional email accounts that you create.  You may change the password to any existing email account by selecting the "change password" option inside your mailbox.


You may continue to use the link to access your email accounts , or you may use other mail clients.


Email Administration:

Accessing your email accounts using a POP3 mail client is as follows:

1. POP3 server is
2. SMTP server is
3. Username is in format.
If you're using Netscape mail, the username is in format.
Eudora Users use:
4. Password is whatever you set it to be.

The FROM field in Outlook, Netscape, etc. MUST be your email address of the domain
you just signed up. i.e.  Otherwise, you'll receive a message that you can't relay.

Configuring your mail client to send mail:

All mail accounts are setup to use SMTP Authentication, the instructions for
configuring this on some of the most popular mail clients are below.

*Outlook and Outlook Express*
To configure authenticated SMTP in Outlook Express:

1. From the Tools menu, select "Accounts..."
2. Highlight your Mail account (it may be called
3. Click the "Properties" button on the right side.
4. Choose the "Servers" tab.
5. Check the box next to "My server requires authentication."
6. Click the "Apply" button.
7. Click the "OK" button.

*Netscape Messenger*
To configure authenticated SMTP in Netscape Messenger:

1. From the Edit menu, select "Preferences..."
2. Click the plus (+) icon next to "Mail & Newsgroups."
3. Choose "Mail Servers."
4. In the "Outgoing mail server user name" field enter Username
5. Click the OK button.

To configure authenticated SMTP in Eudora:

1. From the Tools menu, Select "Options..."
2. Click on the the "Sending Mail" icon.
3. Check the box next to "Allow authentication."
4. Click the OK button.

*Microsoft Entourage *
To configure authenticated SMTP in Entourage:

1. From the Tools menu, select "Accounts."
2. Double-click your Mail account (it may be called
3. Click on the "Click here for advanced sending options" button.
4. Check the box next to "SMTP server requires authentication."
5. Select the radio button next to "Use same settings as incoming mail server."
6. Click the OK button Above are the instructions to give your users that will explain how to set their mail client for SMTP authenication.

If you wish to view your page stats, including reports on hits and page views received by your site, click on the link entitled "View Page Stats" on your admin page.  You will asked for a login to access these stats.  Your login must be entered as

If at any time you have comments or questions regarding your web site, please send us an email using the "Contact Split Visions" link in the admin section of your site.


Thanks again for choosing Split Visions Web Design!


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